Abstract art created by using acrylic paints and mixed media.


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Strange images are coming constantly in my mind. I wish I could paint all of them… Sometimes I loose the way between reality and illusion while working with my brush, painting with no concept, with no regret for the past or expectations from the future, just enjoying my hand moving, looking for coincidences. … Angelique was painted in one of those moments.

Third eye opener – Indigo Rose

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Again trying some new techniques in acrylics. For this painting I was tempted by the beautiful Indigo color, so I decided to use it predominantly.

Recent abstract artworks

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This pictures are born from my free purposeless doodling with acrylics or digital tools. But enough about it… Feel free to percieve and to understand the images through your own soul.:)

Click on the thumbs to see the images in their actual size.

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