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phoenixTo design a logo, from my point of view, is just like to make a lifelong tattoo. The better is the logo design the higher longevity it will have. And what’s better than a lifelong logo! There are many examples for big brands that haven’t made any modifications on their initial logos (e.g. Coca Cola, Nike). Not cheating on their corporate identity is one of the factors for their success. Of course besides the timelessness there are other issues on which a good logo should be based on like simplicity, memorability, versatility and appropriateness.


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phoenix On the age of 16 I started gathering professional experience as a tattoo artist. The art classes were not enough and so I decided to take that path. I’ve learned how to make temporary tattoos with henna and then real tattoos with tattoo machines. I still have some passion for tattoo-design, especially tribal style.

Nower days I find that the decision to get a tattoo should be very well considered because it can somethimes iretrievebly change the energy balance of the body and the mind. However, in my opinion the temporary tattoos are a good balancing remedy.

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