Tribals & Tattoos

Custome tribals and tattoo designs.

Each Step is a Blessing

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This is a zentangle made with a black ball-pen representing an aspect of the Dao and Zen Buddhism Philosophy. Find prints here.

White Raven amulet

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This is a custom digital artwork created in Adobe Illustrator for an Australian clothing company. The task was to make it symetrical, with vibrant diversity of bright colours, implicating indian tribal art.
In the native American Indian lore White ravens, as something very rare, symbolize change and transformation most times for the better. Also the Raven can help us expose the truth behind the distorted secrets and wing us back to health and harmony.

The year of the water dragon.

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During 2012 people will be given the opportunity to improve their life but they must respond to the Dragon’s criteria: determination, generosity, honesty, clearness of purpose.
The Dragon himself is a vigourous and unpredictable creature and therefore great changes in all spheres of life are expected to happen at lightning speed. Thus fast and adequate reactions would be needed… Are you ready to fly with the Dragon?!

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