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Vive eX Gratia

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VXG (Vive eX Gratia)  is a company that offers online solutions for handling e-mails, documents, calendar events, etc. I’ve designed a logo and a background pattern for their website:
The logo is an interpretation of the Griffin – a mythical creature,  that has the head and wings of an eagle and the body and a tail of a lion. It is known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions and is symbol of power and prosperity. Hence this was a proper choice for a logo of this particular company. I wanted the Griffin to have more elegant and graceful look, considering the name of the company which translated from Latin means “Live in Grace”.  The logo’s shape is round so it can easily fit in a favicon or a round seal.
The background pattern is made of the company’s letters “V”,”X”,”G”.  It has more sharp edges which is contrasting with the round shape of the logo and this balances the whole composition. As a final touch I wanted to make a connection with the first sentence in the About-page in “VXG: G-mail turbo charged.”, so I’ve made four arrows pointing from the “G”-letters alone to the “VXG”-patterns.
To take a closer look you can klick on the image above.

Vector design and illustrations for “ZA MEN”.

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These are some of the vector images I made for the first online magazine “ZA MEN”.
The first one says: “Be a star, be in the center of the party… but you don’t need a luxurous cellphone and/or other products because you are unique by your personal qualities not by your personal belongings!”
The second one is a decorating part of the page “10 advices for a succesful choice while shopping.”
The third one is the design for the page “Shopping Zodiac” in which a professional astrologist depict some specific shopping habits of the 12 zodiac signs.

You can visit “ZA MEN” here.

Click on the thumbs to see the images in their actual size.

EU volunteering: 2011

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This a the cover for a virtual brochure dedicated to the European year of volunteering in 2011.

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