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Here are tree examples of my game and children’s books design and illustrations. The first one is the login screen for an educational game I made in 2009 called Activille. You can find it here. The map on the second picture is from a game I made in 2010 dedicated to a anti-drug compaign. You can visit it here with no registration, E-mail: , no password. The last illustration is a cover from a project for 5 children books(with 15 illustrations each) dedicated to the integration of Roma children in Romania.

Old vector illustrations

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Here are some old vector illustrations. The ram above is an embodiment of my zodiac sign Aries. The wolf-chef was made last summer for a local restaurant named “Wolf’s Dream”. The girl with the traditional dress is from a small flash game you can see here.The boy with the shocked face is one of my favourite illustrations from 4 children textbooks (1st,2nd,3rd and 4th grade) with more than 140 images made by me.

Click on the thumbs to see the images in their actual size.

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